Saurashtra University External B.A-B.Com / M.A – M.Com Exam Form & Date 2021

Recently Saurashtra university published a press release informing students about the exam date and exam form.

In this advertisement they have included the Exam date of B.A, B.Com, M.A, M.Com External courses. So if you want to take part in external exam of saurashtra university then you should read this post to the end.

Saurashtra university external exam form

Saurashtra University External B.A, B.Com, M.A, M.Com Exam Date & External Exam Form

As you can see in this notification, Starting date of the exam form is 22-03-2021. They have also mentioned last date here. But incase you didn’t have time to fill up the external exam form then you can also apply after last date but you have to pay some late fees.

The details of late fee is also included in this Saurashtra university external exam timetable.

Saurashtra University External Exam

The Exam date of B.A & B.Com And The Exam date of M.A & M.Com mentioned in the advertisement are the probable date. These dates can be changed by university. Due to this corona situation there are lots of university exams being cancelled. So they have mentioned these exam dates as probable exam date because it could be cancelled or it could be postponed in future.

Saurashtra Univeristy External B.A & B.Com Exam Fee, Late Fee & Exam date 2021

DatesB.A / B.Com Sem 6B.A / B.Com Sem 4B.A / B.Com Sem 2
Starting Date with Regular Fee 485 Rs/-22-03-202125-03-202101-04-2021
Last Date with Regular Fee 485 Rs/-02-04-202105-04-202112-04-2021
Starting Date with Late Fee 485 + 500 = 985 Rs/-03-04-202106-04-202113-04-2021
Last Date with Late Fee 485 + 500 = 985 Rs/-04-04-202107-04-202114-04-2021
Exam Date06-05-202120-05-202115-06-2021

As you can see if you fill up the form after the last date you have to pay the late fee. The amount of late fee is 500rs and amount of regular fee is 485rs. So if you miss the last date to fill up BA, Bcom External exam form then you have to apply for an exam with late fee which will be 485rs(regular fee) + 500rs(late fee) = 985rs (Total fee).

This regular fee format and the late fee format is same for all the semester (Sem-2, Sem-6, Sem-4).

Saurashtra Univeristy External M.A & M.Com Exam Fee, Late Fee & Exam date 2021

DatesM.A / M.Com Sem 4M.A / M.Com Sem 2
Starting Date with Regular Fee 850 Rs/-22-03-202125-03-2021
Last Date with Regular Fee 850 Rs/-02-04-202105-04-2021
Starting Date with Late Fee 850 + 500
= 1350 Rs/-
Last Date with Late Fee 850 + 500
= 1350 Rs/-
Exam Date06-05-202115-06-2021

If you fill up the form after last date you have to pay 500rs late fee for MA & MCom semester 2 & Semester 4 Exam. There’s only one day after the last date you’ll get to fill up the form with the late fee.

The late fee is 500 rs so the total exam fee will be 500+850=1350rs.

The form filling process is held on If you do not know how to fill up external exam form at the website then i have described the whole method which you can follow.

Fill Up B.A, B.Com, M.A, M.Com External Exam Form at

To fill up the form you need to have account on the If you don’t have an account you can simply register on the website.

Registration on

The registration process is very simple. You’ll just need the marksheet of any semester in which the seat number is written.

  1. First of all open Link.
  2. Now you will see the this box. Click on the “New Registration” button there.
  3. saurashtra university registration
  4. Now you will see registration form.
  5. Select the Bachelor Degree Program or Master Degree Program whichever you are applying for.
  6. Enter other details and click on validate details.
  7. After that complete the registration process and login to your account.
  8. In your account select the course from B.A, B.Com or M.A, M.Com.
  9. Then click on apply online form and you will be done in no time.

This process is very simple. Just remember the credential you set for login for future purpose.

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