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Gujarat Samachar is one of the most popular daily newspaper of gujarat. It has millions of subscriber and its active since 1932. The First edition of this paper published on 16th January 1932 before the independence.

Read Gujarat Samachar E Paper online 

But somehow if you are not subscribed to this you can read their ePaper. ePaper is just like the hard copy edition but it gets published on their web portal www.epapergujaratsamachar.com.

You go on their site and then select a day and gujarat samachar e paper will be appear there.


You can also crop specific advertisement from there website and save it in your phone or computer.

Gujarat Samachar also publishes various editions of the various day like on the sunday they publishes Ravi purti, on the monday they publishes business Plus etc.

www.epapergujaratsamachar.com online e paper

To read the gujarat samachar first of all open your web browser.

  • Now go to the website www.gujaratsamachar.com
  • Now you will see e paper section in the menubar.
  • You will be redirected to the epapergujaratsamachar.com
  • There you’ll see two main editions of today ahmedabad and mumbai.
  • If you scroll down you can see the gujarat samachar edition of baroda, surat and rajkot.

If you want to read the e paper of your district then you can go to the district edition section from the menubar.

There you will see the edition of,

  1. Kheda-anand
  2. Gandhinagar
  3. Sabarkantha
  4. Mehsana
  5. Surendranagar
  6. Bharuch Panchmahal
  7. Vapi-Valsad
  8. Bhavnagar Local
  9. Bhuj Local

You select any district and the epaper guajrat samachar will appear on your screen of that district.

when you are trying to find specific recruitment or tender advertisement you go to the edition of that district.

If you want to read the day wise edition like sahiyar or zagmag then you can go to the below given link.

Day wise edition of gujarat samachar from www.epapergujaratsamachar.com

Daywise edtion of Gujarat Samachar E paper
Day Edition / Aavrutti Download
Sunday (Ravivar) Ravipurti Download
Monday (Somvar) Business Plus Download
Tuesday (Mangalvar) Sahiyar Download
Wednesday (Budhvar) Shatdal Download
Thursday (Guruvar) Dharmalok Download
Friday (Shukravar) Chitralok Download
Saturday (Shanivar) Zagmag Download

The first edition appear on the front page of www.epapergujaratsamachar.com is today’s edition.

How to find the other day’s gujarat samachar epaper ?

If you missed the any other day edition of gujarat samachar e paper then you can read it too. They keep the paper of all the date in their web portal.

You just have to select the date from the menubar.

Then choose the district you want to read the newspaper of.

Now you will see the e paper of that specific date of that specific district.

There are other newspapers in gujarat like saurashtra samachar or sandesh newspaper but i personally prefer the gujarat samachar to read daily.

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