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Choice filling is the most important stage of whole admission process. You have to be fully conscious and not make any mistake while doing it.

The key is to know the order of colleges. You have to do some research about merit also.

ACPC choice filling

What is Mock Round In Gujacpc admission of Engineering ?

Because this process needs practice ACPC decided to give a trial round. The trial round is called the mock round and this round is to practice the choice filling. The first purpose of the mock round is student can practice the choice filling so they won’t make any mistake in actual round. The second purpose is to get an idea about allotment.

How will you get idea about allotment ? or how will you get idea about which college you are eligible to get admission ?

  • In the mock round, students from all around gujarat do the choice filling and select the colleges in which they want to get admission.
  • ACPC declares the college allotment details or mock round result.
  • So from the result or allotment list, student will know whether they got admission in the desired college or not.

Now let’s get started about how to do choice filling properly.


How to do ACPC Choice Filling at ?

After the registration, Choice filling process will start and it will take place on Now there are few conditions and precautions you have to take before doing choice filling.

  1. Check the List of institute and make a list of colleges in which you want to take admission.
  2. Check the last year’s cut-off marks of the merit list of the colleges you want to take admission.

After making the list of desired colleges you have to check whether your merit is enough for that college or not.

Also you have to make a list in descending order which means college with the highest preference takes the first place and lowest preference takes last place in the list.

How College Allotment process works ?  

When you do choice filling you select bunch of colleges and then click on final submission button. That’s how ACPC gets the choices of every student of gujarat.

The allotment is automated process and no manual selection takes place in there. So while making the decision whether student will get admission or not they follow simple process.

  • First they check the first colleges and see if student can get admission in first college or not.
  • If student gets the admission in the first college then they do not check the second college on the list and they do not check whether student is eligible for admission in second college or not.
  • So If you get the admission in first college you will never know that you can get admission in the rest of the college from your list or not.
  • If you do not get admission in the first college from the list, they will check the second college and see if you are eligible to get admission in that college or not.
  • So that’s how the allotment or college selection works.

How to do choice filling ?

So Now when you know how to allotment works you have to make and informed decision by filling the the choices in right order in

First you have to check the last year’s cut off marks and compare it to your merit marks and make a list on the basis of that.

Now the college with the highest merit and highest preference of yours must be first on the choice filling list.

So if you get admission in first college, you will know that you can get admission in the rest of the colleges also.

If you get admission in in any college from the list, you will be sure that the colleges above the allotted college are out of your eligibility and colleges below the allotted colleges are the one you can get into.

The moral of the story is make a list in descending order and double check the list after the final submission. You can also edit the list before.

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Updated: July 10, 2020 — 10:25 am

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