#2800Gujaratpolice – Twitter Campaign For Grade Pay By Gujarat Police

What is #2800Gujaratpolice and why is it viral ?

After the success of the teachers’ campaign, the policemen have started a Twitter campaign for salary increase. A Twitter campaign called #2800Gujaratpolice or #2800GP has been launched. The campaign is also getting response from the people.

  • Police personnel also started the campaign after 4200 grade pay of teachers
  • The campaign started under the name #2800Gujaratpolice
  • After the teachers, now the police has started a Twitter campaign

2800 Gujarat Police

The operation has been launched by police constables. Low pay even though there is no leave and no fixed time of the job. After the teachers, there are rumors that the police will start demanding.

Police Constables are demanding to increase their grade pay from 1800 to 2800 Head Constables 3600 and ASI 4400.

The Twitter campaign has been launched by tagging the Chief Minister, Home Minister and the media on twitter. If the demand is not met, there is a threat of agitation from July 31.


There is not even Weak off provision for police: Kishore Kesarkar

Kishore Kesarkar, president of the Vadodara City District Retired Police Employees Association, also approached the police and supported them. He said the police have launched a 2800 grade pay campaign on Twitter. The campaign has the support of all Gujarat retired police personnel. Salary increase is not a big deal if the government intends to. Police Man works hard without seeing day and night. There is also no provision of Weakoff for the police. Policemen should be well paid.


What are the Demands of Gujarat Police ?

  • Like teachers, policemen are also demanding an increase in grade pay
  • Policemen are demanding 2800 grade Pay
  • Currently, a constable gets a grade pay of only Rs 1,800
  • There is a demand for 2800 grade pay against the constable’s 1800 grade pay
  • Demand is to Raise a Gradepay of Head Constable to Rs 3600
  • Demand for rising ASI grade pay to Rs 4400
  • Policemen say they are on duty day and night
  • Policemens on duty day and night should be paid more gradepay.
  • It is going viral that if teachers can get 4200 gradepay then why not police man ?
  • Policemen are running the campaign by tagging CM, DyCM and Home Minister
  • If the right decision is not taken, the movement will start on July 31
  • Government Bowed down to teachers then what about police ?


Updated: July 18, 2020 — 6:13 am

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